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Hawkwind Series


Island of Steel  

Operation Hawkwind has just failed to land commandos in the heavily fortified Channel Islands in an audacious plan to kidnap a visiting high-ranking German officer.

His capture is crucial to the success of the forthcoming D-Day invasion of France. They then discover a bunch of maverick Allied servicemen are stranded on Guernsey so Hawkwind has no choice but recruit them.

When told they only have 24 hours before the elite officer leaves Guernsey, the Hawkwind heroes are forced into a critical race against the clock as they try to get to the closely guarded VIP. 

But after numerous failed attempts, they finally meet up in a suicidal confrontation.Then a new revelation changes everything. 


Beaches of Blood  

Deep undercover in Nazi-occupied Normandy sabotaging coastal defences in advance of the imminent D-Day invasion, our team of misfit heroes receives an urgent coded message.


A ruthless American femme fatale has stolen details of the forthcoming invasion and is in France.


They have only five days before the 6th of June to evade enemy troops and collaborators and capture their quarry before she delivers the plans to the German High Command.


The race is on to prevent the world’s greatest wartime operation from becoming wartime’s greatest disaster!


Kidnapping Hitler


Our heroes have to sneak into Hitler’s bunker in Berlin where he controls the war and smuggle him out before the Russians take over the city. They are told this will immediately end the war.


But Berlin is in its death throes and they have to avoid both Russian and German forces as well as surviving in a society in collapse. After numerous attempts to find his Fuhrerbunker they face even greater dangers getting inside, and where they have to confront the devil himself!

Detective Ladies

The Detective Ladies Series

The MIssing Mr Moonstone.jpg

The Missing Mr Moonstone Mystery

The husband of an over sensitive Mrs. Moonstone is missing. And later, her jewellery. And finally, her children’s beautiful governess.


An obvious case of  marital deception and down right robbery. All it needs is a little bit of snooping for the two lady detectives, and all will be well. 


However, they soon discover nothing is so simple in the world of private detectives, especially female ones in a Victorian male-dominated society.


So with genuine compassion for those in need, a bloody-minded dedication to duty, they encounter murder and deception and possibly a budding romance before they eventually triumph.   

Jack the Nipper.jpg

Jack the Nipper of Oxford Street

Women are being assaulted in broad daylight and nothing is being done to catch the attacker. Miss Prim, their next door neighbour, at 221a Baker Street, is the latest and the Detective Ladies take up her case.


They go into the streets to track down the vile fingered fiend, only to encounter Establishment arrogance and suppression of the truth by the newspapers and the police.


After arrests, kidnapping and murder attempts, the two stalwart ladies expose the Nipper, only to find their investigations have not yet come to an end.

Death Haunts a Seance.jpg

Death Haunts a Seance 

An impoverished couple have been told by Madame Zarkofski at a séance meeting, that something valuable is hidden in a cemetery wall.


But there is nothing there and they believe someone at the meeting beat them to it. But the Detective Ladies are convinced Zarkofski is a fraud and seek to expose her.


At another séance she predicts the death of a Mr Knowles and the ladies try to protect him, but he dies and the medium is arrested for murder by autosuggestion.


They then discover there was a lost Indian jewel in the wall, proving Zarkofski is genuine after all. Now they have to find the jewel and the thief to save her from the gallows. And time is running out.




Stanley – born Stanislav –  is a disaffected young man, half Bosnian-half English. He is recruited by the Secret Service Bureau to infiltrate the fanatical Serbian Black Hand Gang in Sarajevo and send back information of their activities.


A dangerous cloak and bloody dagger game ensues during which he falls in love with Ramona, his cousin Dario’s fiancée. She begs Stanley to stop Dario’s involvement in the planned assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the conquering Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Stanley has to make the greatest decision of his life: does he save Dario and lose Ramona? Or let his cousin and the assassination continue to get her for himself? And  unknowingly start the First World War.

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