MAY: Progressing with a pilot script of a TV comedy detective drama. Also dealing with a publisher over the WWII heroic action thriller, Island of Steel. At the same time putting the final touches to this new website of mine. Is it working? Life in the Normandy countryside is full of emerging crops and great farm machinery clogging the narrow roads. Off on a village annual daytrip of drinking and eating and a riverboat sail along the Seine. Brexit, what’s that?


 As a child I wanted to be an artist. Then aged ten, I discovered a greater joy in writing, and have never stopped. I delight in chewing on words and putting them together to tell upbeat stories for the world to read and hear. There is nothing else I want to do. I have many, many books and plays waiting to be born.

With all my novels and other works, I diligently research the background, and let the relevant details filter though my fingers onto the page, mingling with my plot and characters. I try to be honest when I write, and trust my audience appreciates this and is entertained and moved, and want more. It’s sad if someone doesn’t - we can’t please everyone (why not!), but this is out weighed by knowing that most people appreciate what I produce.




Whichever variant of Covid is rampant, I shall still be cocooned in my study, researching and writing what I hope to be a big vision novel about immigration - but not what you might expect; at least I hope not. I want it to be a BIG surprise. There are a couple other projects in the offing: a  humorous detective TV series and a YA novel in homage to Charles Dickens. Thus 2021 will be a full creative year whatever Brexit and the nasty virus have in store for us. Keep smiling and continuing keeping safe. And read a lot to keep sane and educated!



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



I wrote and produced my first movie, the cocky little Gobsmacked! about an old bus broken down in the country and how the passengers got on with each other. A vertical learning curve that was fun right from the start. Followed by Mrs H of Baker Street, the stage farce about Sherlock Holmes’ landlady secretly doing her own detective work. Another joyful experience not to be missed.


When I first met Peter what struck me most was that his energetic, multi-faceted writing is very much a reflection of the person he is. Immersing yourself in one of his books is like taking a ride down the chute of a water park roller coaster – gathering exhilarating momentum, plummeting through dizzying twists and turns, finally surging to an adrenaline-pumping climax.  

- Michael Paul Kennedy

  (author of bestseller Soldier I - SAS) 


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